Pixel Pistle #1: Rackonteur

Dear Pixel Customer #894675,

Thank you for the sketch and written description. This blueprint of your device aligns with our technical abilities and we believe that our fabrication team will have no problem building the casing and power instrumentation per your specifications.

Based on your diagram, we've determined that the following components need to be built:

  • Vents on the top and bottom
  • Backlit squarish buttons
  • A back-leaning asymmetrical flat screen
  • Wires that connect to various ports
  • Several rectangular voids (aka room to grow)

Our engineers have provided a basic prototype that should work as the foundation for your new system.

As you can see, it includes ventilation, data storage, user interfaces and network connectivity. We even included the blinkenlights you asked for in the description you sent.

There are also several external backup power supplies on the sides and a SCADA controller for driving large, external stepper motors for those turrets you needed for your homebase.

Unfortunately, we were confused about the description you provided for the functionality, punched decals and payment options.

When you say "a missile targeting system" are you describing your need for real time guidance controls or pre-calculated trajectory forecasting for MAD? While, we are quite capable of providing either, we would like to make you aware that the cost is substantially higher with real-time control calculations.

We were also confused by your description of some of the symbols you wished stamped into the casing on the front and side panels. Our interpretation of "two forward-leaning, rectangular S-shapes that intersect each other at 90 degrees" seems to have generated something that has made our team a bit uneasy. Could you clarify with an actual drawing of the symbol? A quick text of the image to me will suffice. 555-668-6294

Our design team has also provided some feedback to me that I'm forwarding to you on the aesthetics you desired. The green military tones specified shouldn't be a problem and I have included an image for your review.

You'll see that it includes a horizontal bar graph to count those very important logistic issues you are facing. We had to shrink the voids a bit, but I think you'll find our solution much better!

Unfortunately, one of our in-house mythical beings has decided to make a home in your machine and we were unable to get him out. Miniature black unicorns are really hard to get to in tight, dark spaces.

I hope this is OK. I promise he won't break anything.

If that situation won't work for you, we'd like to propose an existing system our design teams have recently created that closely aligns with your expectations. It's called "Let Freedom Ring". Sounds good, right?

We've also included a preview of it for your review. Please note the various patriotic themes we've added. We hope they will inspire you and your associates to climb large geographical features and plant flags at the top of them.

We'd love to know what you think!

Now to payment. While the promise of land and leadership opportunities in your organization's "new dawn" are tempting, we prefer the tender of the dollar to IOUs that we can't use to pay our business expenses. With so many positions supporting your grand leader, I'm sure you can understand that large ventures take large amounts of capital.

Thank you for your understanding. I await your prompt response.

Peter Pixelship
CEO of Pixelship Industries